How Colours Can Help Create Lasting Positivity

How Colours Can Help Create Lasting Positivity

Does colour have an adverse effect on our lives, our relationships, and the way we are perceived by others? For centuries, artists and colour enthusiasts from all over have insisted that colour can in fact affect our bodies and brains in strange, delightful, and sometimes emotional ways. Colour Psychology and Colour Theory are two fields of study dedicated to just that — uncovering the mysterious effects that colours have on our lives and proving that they absolutely can (and do) affect us on some level.

Purple — spirituality, wisdom, respect

Blues & Greens — calming, serenity, truth

Oranges & Yellows — appetite, happiness, enthusiasm

Red — intensity, passion, energy

So, what does Colour Psychology and Colour Theory have to do with Bânu Magnifique? We embarked on this journey in the early stretch of 2020, not only to realize our dreams of working in fashion design, but to spread our love for colour and pattern and to encourage women to step outside of their comfort zones while building up an unshakable confidence in themselves. By collaborating with artists to offer unique, contemporary, and colourful styles that we apply to a variety of limited edition wearables like jewelry, handbags, and scarves, we want to make the world a brighter, bolder, more interesting place to live; a world where vibrant colours inspire perpetual positivity. 

We strongly believe that a carefully-curated world full of courageous colours and patterns has the power to aid many in their liberating journeys towards positive mental health — bringing buoyant and beneficial change to the masses both personally and socially.

Colour is a powerful and mysterious tool, and we believe that we have only scratched the surface in terms of what it is capable of.

Bânu Team

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