Happiness and Contentment: An Interview with Our Paisley Collection Ar

Happiness and Contentment: An Interview with Our Paisley Collection Artist

Kimia is the incredible paisley artist behind our limited edition Paisley Collection. In a moment of pure relaxation and contentment, Kimia drew the featured pattern and felt an overwhelming satisfaction with life and a rich appreciation for her past —  remembering fondly all the events that took place that made her who she is today.

Q: What was your experience like creating this particular piece?

Born in Iran but moving to Vancouver at the age of 17, Kimia uses her art as a way to stay connected with her cultural heritage. She’s made Vancouver her home, but having a way to share her ancestry with her fellow Canadians is something that’s important to her.

Q: Does paisley pattern hold any significance for you? What do you like about this particular pattern?
A: I don’t even remember when or how I started drawing the paisley pattern. It is very likely a memory of all the ethnic Persian patterns that I’ve seen as I’ve been growing up. It connects me to my heritage and gives me warmth.

The warmth and positive emotions that these patterns evoke in Kimia are the same feelings that she hopes others get when they wear the Paisley Collection. These colourful spins on traditional paisley just beg for a smile; and it’s through those smiles we at Bânu hope to radiate tenfold, foraging the path to everlasting positivity that we strive for.

Q: Was this your first time seeing your art translated onto wearable garments? If yes, tell me about the experience. Was it hard? Enjoyable? Would you do it again?

A: Yes it was! It was such a proud moment to see something that was first a thought, then black and white drawings, and then a colourful drawing come to life on fabric — and I would happily do it again! Making happy prints that people can enjoy wearing is an honour.

Translating Kimia’s pattern onto wearable garments makes them instantly more accessible — not only to the wearers, but observers, too. We hope that our customers inspire smiles everywhere they go when rocking this collection! We are so thankful to have worked with Kimia on this collection. Her brilliant and blazing artwork inspires us everyday, and we can only hope that it does the same for you.

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