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At Bânu Magnifique, we collaborate with local artists to offer limited edition fashion sets for women who want to stand out confidently with colourful, contemporary and bold styles. A combination of Farsi and French, Bânu [buh-noo] Magnifique [ma-ni-fik] translates to “Magnificent Lady”. We promote artistic fashion, with each piece bringing with it an original story inspired by the artist’s emotions and experiences. These stories are told through colourful patterns that are designed to inspire positivity. Studies show that colours affect our mood and behaviour, and that through colour we can better express our emotions and improve our well-being. Just like colours, how we dress also affects our confidence, and is a large part of the first impression we make on the world and those around us. Through our vibrant designs, Bânu Magnifique helps you express your unique self, and bring out the confidence and positivity inside you to shine freely. Every Bânu Magnifique collection is limited edition, bringing artwork to life through special selections that stand out. We hope you enjoy!

 Wear Happy. Wear Confidence.


Salma Kashani - Founder

I'm a product manager with a master's degree in Computer Engineering and a bachelor's degree in Environmental Design. I've been doing abstract art since I can remember and I'm in love with colours.

Teresa Hu - Marketing

I'm a growth hacker with a background in software engineering and customer experience. I love art of all mediums, especially fabrics in vibrant colours and patterns.

Kimia Nassehi - Operations

I'm a product manager with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering. I'm obsessed with colours so much that my closet looks like the inside of a colouring book!

How it All Started

It was a gloomy morning during the Coronavirus lockdown and quarantine. The world as we knew it was shutting down. Alone in my single bedroom apartment, I was feeling depressed and worried about the future. My work hours were cut down and I felt like I had nothing to look forward to. While I had nowhere to go, I did have time to reflect deeply and search for my life's meaning. To be honest, at that moment I failed to find any. So I decided to distract myself by painting again. Ever since I could remember, painting has been one of the few activities that brings me positivity during down times. Placing vibrant colours next to each other in different forms and shapes on a canvas makes me feel alive. At times, I want to merge with the colour. I want to become that bright red and forget about everything else. I started to paint, and as I progressed I rediscovered my passion for colours as I realized that I was surrounded by colour. I looked around my apartment and saw hues and shades of yellow, pink, blue, and more everywhere. In that moment I felt like there was still beauty in this world. I found myself hoping that the world could recover and be as radiant and colourful as my paintings. After painting, I changed into a magenta blouse and a navy blue pencil skirt, matched with a set of pink beaded shoulder duster earrings. Although I couldn't go out, after changing when I looked in the mirror I felt an energy. I felt confident that no matter what was happening, I could handle and overcome the challenges in front of me. That’s when I had a jolt of inspiration, like a bolt lighting up my mind. I had this vision of a colourful and beautiful outfit fashioned out of my art. An outfit I could share with everyone, energize and bring cheer to people, so that they too could feel the same energy and hope I felt. That’s when I decided to share my love of colours with the world through fashion. I asked my best friends for help and they felt the same passion I did. Over the next six months, we worked non-stop to make our vision a reality. As we build Bânu Magnifique, we hope to bring more colour into this world. We hope you will feel the same joy and positivity with our colourful designs.

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